Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Market Intelligence

From market entry or new product positioning, to brand perception or identifying strategic alliances, NRGT has a detailed offering in this area.

New Market Entry

Breaking into new markets is not easy. You may well believe there is opportunity, but just how can position your brands, products and services to enable you to build a successful business case? How can you predict outcomes? And how can you gather the intelligence that enables you to convince your colleagues?

Our business research methods will equip you to take the risk out of your decision making.

Business Process Re-engineering

Business process re-engineering (BPR) can help your organization work smarter and more efficiently. If your organization has grown organically over time, the chances are that it will benefit from a business process redesign and business transformation project.

High performing enterprises need to ensure they are working at with maximum effectiveness and approaching the challenges with a fresh and unencumbered view can see restructuring that achieves dramatic improvements in areas including costs, quality, service, and speed.


We offer a collaborative partnership process where we work closely with you to understand your specific needs. Throughout the life of a project you will have a fixed engagement director and experienced project team. We are flexible and extra people with additional expertise can be added very quickly.

Business Research & Advisory

Our dedicated teams offer in-depth market research, business research and economic research. these insights coupled with our advisory services makes a powerful combination.

For companies in the business of information it is essential to stay on top of opportunities. Those that are willing to “fail faster” through constant innovation and re-evaluation will thrive.

Innovation should not be seen as a cost. It is investment in future growth and it will enable you to stay at least one step ahead of the competition. We can help you build the critical intelligence you need to keep the focus on revenue expansion.

Sales & Marketing Solutions

Cost effective business development, B2B sales, subscription management and sales, as well as marketing services

Global B2B Sales and Marketing

NRGT can help you drive B2B sales growth across regions or globally while enabling significant operational cost savings. Through our network, we bring fresh ideas throughout the B2B sales process, we innovate across the sales cycle, we are experts at qualified lead generation to deliver strong conversion rates.
Our global B2B sales and marketing services will help you extend your reach, optimize revenue from existing markets and rapidly build qualified leads.

We offer proven B2B sales and marketing results, including:

  • Campaign idea generation.
  • Increased revenue streams and profits for new activities, products and services.
  • Generate accurate market feedback and analysis by capturing reasons for refusal to allow clients to understand whether a product is not selling because of price, quality or other factors.
  • Sales analysis by geography, product and sector to identify new markets and growth potential.
  • Drive directory sales by increasing conversion rates from free to paid listings; pushing differential pricing, and minimizing discounts.

Knowledge is key, and our successful use of technology and robust processes enable us to play a valuable proactive role in strategic decisions made on price and product. Our collaborative approach to B2B sales and marketing  means you are always in control, and our B2B sales and marketing teams are working exclusively with you.

Technology Solutions

Focused around the implementation of digital strategies, we can provide cutting edge and effective solutions for applications, business management and knowledge management. You define the need, we deliver the solution.

NRGT strategic alliances enable us to deliver comprehensive turnkey technology solutions. We work with our clients to ensure the right solutions are applied to the right opportunities. All engagements are carefully managed and our experts will discuss your needs in detail and then deliver state-of-the-art and cost-effective solutions that align your IT developments to your business goals. Our technology solutions are specifically designed to meet the needs of the professional publishing and information industry.

We have extensive expertise in areas including online product development, online product enhancement, content management solutions, building digitization strategies, market/business intelligence tools and knowledge management solutions. Our key value proposition lies in aligning your business objectives in accordance to the IT initiatives.

New Product Development

Our integrated solutions suite, transparent approach and depth of industry experience working with leading publishing and information businesses enables us to quickly understand client requirements and then to deliver cost-effective and fully functional online transformation services that enable you to gain competitive advantage.

Irrespective whether you wish to build digital revenue content or data-based products, our core capabilities span ideation to execution. Our platforms enable you to bring together your own or third party content, with user generated content that forms the core of social media engagement across communities, forums and groups.

Content Management Solutions

Structuring and managing content across portfolios is hugely important. For any editor or publisher, the content management system (CMS) is a critical component in determining whether your business thrives and maximizes the potential of its content (both internally and externally).

A new CMS could either be built from scratch,  or it could be customized using open source systems such as Drupal or other platforms. We will advise on the cost effective solutions.

Enterprise Integration Solutions

With increasingly complex business process and systems, many publishing businesses are stuck using numerous disparate applications and other legacy systems, leaving them struggling to effectively manage their data and content. This presents a serious business risk.

NRGT can deliver modular solutions to enable a unified platform that can streamline data and content across your legacy systems.

Back Office Applications

The publishing industry is faced with ever accelerating change, both in terms of technology and the evolution of different types of digital products and services. The need to innovate and keep up with opportunities as they arise often requires the development of key new applications and solutions. We can offer a fully customizable online platform that enables you to be flexible in your applications and systems. Our expertise, both in Microsoft and Open Source technologies,  empowers you.