About Us

About NRG

Who are we?

Founded in 1998 as VCustomer, this organization progressively evolved to now being called


As an organization, New RAMPgreen Technologies provides technology driven, high-quality, multi-channel knowledge based services & solutions that enables increased customer satisfaction, sales growth and enhanced customer loyalty. Our deployment of world class process infrastructure, technology and resources gives us the desirable cutting edge. We focus ourselves towards employing dedicated and highly skilled staff who uphold the willingness and utmost capability of providing the most efficient customizable support services to our clients.

Our engagement with clients that exists, have allowed them to focus more on their core business areas. While we with our expertise assist them in business support, giving them the welcoming response that they seek from their customers.

We gain our achievement by aligning our values with the values of our customers.

Our Beliefs

Vision | Mission | Values

Our Vision

Being a globally recognized brand that owns and provides knowledge processing with a technological edge

Our Mission

By deploying world class infrastructure, process and resource our mission lies in offering clients’ best in class, value added customizable support services.

Our Values

Become True Partners – by aligning together the value sentiments of our customers

NRG Advantage

New RAMPgreen can be termed as your locally operated and owned technology enabled Business Partner. Our value preposition is broken down into these key components.

Economy Benefits

Scale new heights through our comprehensive economy mode with guaranteed reduction of overhead resource cost by at least 50% of the baseline cost. Convert fixed costs into variable costs through our on-demand and flexible service model. With increased profitability margins thus derived, explore and excavate future enabled process avenues

Strategic Benefits

We provide the right resources to support client specific strategic business plans that supports New Product/Service development and speed to market actions that gains competitive advantage. Freeing Business line Executives from the existing Back-office operations and making them them more focused and reliant on core business issues thereby increasing the capability strength.

Operational Benefits

Deliver processing efficiency through our best practices and proven methodology. Provide fully integrated IT and Business Management solutions that meets to exceed service level agreements and highest level satisfaction. Provide scalable and timely services that are fully responsive to the ever changing business needs.

Technology Benefits

Our Best-in-class Technology platform customizable to its mark is valiantly capable to meet the requirement of every client. Feasibility of withstanding growing clientele service requirement with enhancement deliverance of Data centers, Hardware, Software, Applications and Network source. Gain access to in demand, skilled technical talent pool trained to sustain and enhance the overall experience.